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HandiShelf is a tech-driven, automated shelf that gives freedom to those with mobility issues. Scroll to find out more

Reaching for a Book

Autonomy. Safety. Independence.

Did you know that falls at home are a leading cause of injury among elderly people? Having a mobility impairment shouldn’t deprive you of your ability to access items stored in your own home safely. HandiShelf has got your back – no more balancing on unsteady stools to find that missing dessert fork.

More about Handishelf

HandiShelf is a tech-driven shelf that revolutionizes storage, offering space efficiency, accessibility, and customization. Designed to assist the elderly and disabled, our mechanism automatically brings desired drawers within one’s accessible range of motion with the press of a button, allowing them to retrieve  their items safely. HandiShelf gives all the autonomy that they rightfully deserve.

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You can maximise the household items you store in one HandiShelf. That’s perfect if you live in smaller houses or apartments.

  • 2 metres tall, stretching from floor to ceiling

  • Unique space-efficient Paternoster-elevator-inspired mechanism

  • 8 large drawers

  • 20kg overall storage capacity


HandiShelf boasts an array of adjustable heights. Whether you’re wheelchair-bound or standing upright, you can customise your preferred drawer position to whatever is comfortable for you.

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Safety First

Our buttons, push-latch system, rounded corners and other safety feathers are seamless to navigate and help to prevent injuries. With Handishelf, your peace of mind is assured.


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